I did not have time to fish the fly bar. At least I have not taken it yet. After, when I think about it, I’m lazy.

I’m too lazy to go behind the vise and ride EP flies that cost a lot. The laziness of tearing a fly line I do not know how much in parks and on pebbles… I am also lazy to spend a whole day fishing for water without taking anything, without seeing a single fish. I am finally really lazy to fish with this stripping basket. I hate that.

Then I watch the movie that follows. And there, I think of the keys that tear you the silk of the fingers. I think of the attacks below the surface. I think of hunts. I think of those fish that drive me crazy to follow my flies. I think of these nights of assembly to invent the best shrimp to fish in the Gulf.

The following video is great. The 80’s fish is totally outrageous. And I have the silk of 9 that itches me so I kiss you.

PS: any tips for fishing seabass in Ireland? Or even in England? It’s itching us at Mouching office and we think that a project on it would be a good idea.