Felipe, our friend.

You know our love for Cuba, especially for Matanzas region, so as soon as there is a new film we rush to watch it and dream a little since we cannot afford to go to Cuba anymore since the prices have gone up 3 or 4 times, beleiving the US would deliver visas easily. So you can imagine our surprise when we saw Felipe! Felipe our friend! Probably the only guide in Cba you can get in touch with and will organize to take you fly fishing for Tarpon on the Hitaguanico river or Bones and Permit in Playa Larga! Felipe, how cool is that? If tehre is a few guys who love fly fishing in Cuba, he’s one of them! He loves it so much he’s teaching hte kids how to fly fish, but also how to become a guide. Cuba is probably the best place I’ve been fishing and sinc 1992, I’ve seen changes, but I’ll tell you something, it’s always the best! So if you’re plannig to go to Cuba, and have a rod and a few flies, get in touch with Felipe. Otherwise, send us and email, we’ll give you his phone #.

If you go to Cuba, take as much gear as you can, and leave it there when you go, they have nothing.