Agora Sol #3 by Laurent Réus

Do you have a good sound system that can take heavy bass or you’re listening on cheap boxes that make Sssssssshhhh Sssssssshhhh? I’m asking because we’ve got some serious sound here, not anything mixed on a 48 digital, I’m talking’bout music that has been recorded with a 1/4 inch 8 track in a lousy and hot aired studio, the king of records you’d play and as soon as the needle hit the vinyl, the heat goes up! We warn you, it’s not going to be hot, it’s going to be very hot! A mixtape that takes me instantly to Lomé, Togo, when I was leaving there in the 80’s and that the night was full of promises and adventures, when you could go from bar to bar, from night club to night club near the Sarakawa avenue. We had fun! And when we wanted more fun, we would go accross the border to Cotonou, Benin, and in the car, we would play tapes which sounded like that mixtape and it was heaaven! So download that mixtape, turn the sound up and turn those lights off, get your friends and have fun! You can also just click below! I’am already too hot! Turn the fan faster!