Into the Valley of the Condor

When you are Salmon fishing, you are always looking for biigger fish, you always want to catch that 20 pounder you’ve been dreaming of, Salmon fly fishermen are always looking for a new river a better place and a lot only turn their eyes to the Northern hemisphere, mainly for Atlantic Salmon, but there is also the Pacific  Salmon and further more there is the SouthPacific Salmon, the one that goes up the Chilean rivers, sometimes up to Argentina, where you can catch Kings in Rio Pico in March for instance. tailBut Chili is known to be perfect for Salon, isn’t it where the Norwegian companies put their salmon farms to avoid their country laws too strict for their way of farming. But we’re not talking about that thing you find wrapped in plastic at th esupermaket, we’re talking about Salmon with a capital S. THE Salmon, the one Salmon Junkies went to catch at the Austral River Lodge in Chile, here we’re talking 40 or 50 pounder. Sweat dreams.