The last Issue of the version

Scale, We love that mag because it binds together what we love (Fly Fishing) and what we fear or denie (lure fishing). It’s been a while since Scale Magazine the only digital mag of its kind in Europe, offers us the best of both worlds, it’s true we fish the same rivers, the same sea, we drink the same beers, and eat the same dishes, and we don’t mention all that we have in common.

But that’s not all of it, Scale is saying good bye to the old and promises a new version for 2019, with plenty of surprises !  Scale as every other emag or webpag that is not in the US, has a hard time  getting money, and it’s all because of advertising, in Old Europe, it seems that the fishing business is in the hands of people who still beleive in paper. And when the question of advertising is asked to the mother houses (mainly in the US) the answer is always the same : ask our representatives.  But that’s where the problem is, the mags and webpages are also in english and read worldwide, and the brand representative is often an old koot who only beleives in print and anyway only has a hundred of dollars to spend in it’s own country!

The other killer is that those guys beleive that it’s more efficient to advertise on FBK,  what they don’t get is that a FBK page is only targeting people that are already following you and you get new customers that way. And they don’t want to pay for a descent Community Manager. It’s not easy to be digital outside of the US.

Let’s go back to what we love and what we are here for :  Scale Magazine #30 here’s a list of what caught our eye. (Click on the links to go directly to the article)

Le Soudan: Cast crabs and streamers from the shore or the flats to fierce fish!nubian-flats

Panama Kayak : It’s lure fishing but who wouldn’t like to be there? panamakayak

Art : Tony Fredriksson and his drift

Karu Au, Denmark  : a river of legends for Sea Troutlegends

Fishing Films! Spend your winter at home facing a big screen!films

Pikes and Zanders in Swedenswedeishpikes

Title says it all.spinned

¡Que buena la Paella! Hungry? paella

Quo Vadis EFFTEX?  What is the purpose of EFFTEX (The European Fishing Tackle Trade Exhibition)? We’re not going anymore because it’s mainly dedicated to wholesale and we say above what the situation is with brands and Digital Press in Europe. But read what Scale has to say about it.

Scale Shopping  burn your credit card! But we’re proud to see our friends from Le Petit Porteur! Shopping

Fish that Asian Carp, the way you want!asian-carp

It’s over, you can look for a den to spend winter.