Journey Into the Sacred Headwaters

In Europe we are fightings against thousands of dams raising on all our pristine rivers, in British Columbia and Alaska the fight is against mines. In both case we are not ready to pay the price that we find too high: The Wilderness! Here’s a gut taking film, a film that’s going to grab your heart and maybe reinforce or change your view against GREED. There is no Planet B.

Just watch this amazing film.

Three friends set off on a 400km bikepacking and packraft expedition through the heart of the sacred headwaters in northwestern British Columbia, birthplace of three critical salmon rivers, and home to the Tahltan people. In the wake of the devastating Mount Polley Mine disaster, the team’s goal is to understand what is at stake as a wave of new mines are developed across this remote corner of the province. Their journey offers an exciting and sobering window into this wild landscape as they pedal through vast boreal forest, paddle frigid whitewater, battle monster trout, outrun a grizzly, learn about the Tahltan’s fight to protect their homeland and glimpse inside a massive open pit mine.

If you want to help= Salmon Beyond Borders.