David Byrne Radio : SALSA!

Wow! ¡A Gozara! The best from New York Salsa, Salsa de Puerto Rico, de Cuba, Colombiana, de Panama! The best of the best selected by David Byrn! This is bliss, if you are like me, you’ll stop what ever it is you are doing, you’ll turn up the sound and dance! That’s what I’m doing right now! I’m typing as fast as I can so I can push up the volume and call my neighbors so we dance like crazies! Who could resist this? Listen the first song, that old New York salsa song by Ruben Blades, Pedro Navaja, that hit from the 80’s but that’s not all, Chacha, rumb, it’s all there! And it’s BURNING HOT! Just download that mixtape and you’ll dance like never before, you’ll dance with your vegan friends, your butcher friend, the maggots fisherman, the one wholfishes with lures, you’ll be so happy, you’ll dance with almost everyone! You can also just click on Celia Cruz’s face below! Have fun!