Up side down #69

Nothing is happening on the internet this fall, we don’t really know why, are people still fishing, are filmmakers editing what they shot this summer or is it just that nothing is happening? Well, lucky for us there is This Is Fly #69! I’ve been waiting for that issue for so long, just to enjoy the title! But when I started to flip through the pages on my screen, all I wanted was to say goodbye to whatever my life is at the moment and go fishing! I have several choices, but the reality is, like many of us, we have to feed the kids and send them to school, college, pay the mortgage, the usual life. So if I want to be able to cope with the everyday life I need to dream, I need to plan a fishing trip, I need to drawn myself in the articles from that mag!

First, the mixtape! That’s the first thing I do when I open the mag, I turn the sound up and play that mix, this issue is Brendon Jorgensen’smixtif

Have you even been around a wildfire? Have you ever tasted the smoke on your tongue, in your mouth, have you heard the wood crack under the flames? It’s heart breaking, you feel so powerless. Yes, we cannot be blinded or fooled, there is global warming, and we have to be able to Change of Planschange of plansDry your tears, here’s to empty your bank account! Burn that credit card, here comes the Gear review!gear

You like to watch you flies swim high on the water, check Matt Ebbers flies!MAtt ebbers

Bull trout. Only in America and Canada, go get it.bull booty

FIGHT! Fight for clean waters, worldwide we have to fight, water is getting as precious as oil and we want and need to keep it clean!clean water

Steelhead, what can we do? steelhead

We hope you love what she does as much as we do. Alana Louise LyonsALana

Sounds of the fishermen. Kling Klang Klong!click& pawl

Daniel Shepler, photographer.daniel shepler

Doradoooo! Yes, the Northern Argentina, is the land of Dorados! Check Christiaan Pretorius adventure.golden badass

Beating the bush. There are no shortcuts!Changing of guard

Hey! Wake up! You’re back in real life! Go work!