The Veterans Issue

We all know Catch Magazine, this mag which is one of the oldest ones online is one of a kind, of course it’s not the most fun mag, you won’t find the latest lay out, but this magazine, by Tood Moen, Valentine Atkinson, Brian O’Keefe. This magazine has one but permanent quality, the pictures are clean and often beautiful.vets

This issue is not like any issue, it’s The VET issueérans, while we are celbrating the 100 year of the WWI peace, veterans have always been taken care of in the US, mat least more than in other countries. And the US have been at war almost non stop. Here’s for them, fly fishing heals, wether they are wounded or suffer from PTSD. Thank fir what you have done.vets2

Than there is this amazing portfolio on President Carter, the 39th president who like one thing: Fly Fishing and at 94, it’s with his wife Roselynn that they go to Alaska! We wish all president would fly fish.  carter2

Iceland, salmon paradise! I sure if you afford it you’d love to go to that lodge!Sweat dreams!iceland