Kids tool for men

When it comes to get a Xmas present for a flyfisherman, it’s a headache! Fly Fishermen are compulsive buyers, they like to stash, they like to “have it” they are obsessed with gear! So it’s often pretty hard to find the right gift and Xmas is just around the corner! Forget about the usual fly fishing gear if you are not yourself a real fly fisher, unless you have a special order. We think we have something for you, the multifonction Leatherman tool, not any leatherman, the Leap! 61h3gwDBbnL._SL1062_

We love it because it is made for kids and just grabing it makes us feel younger! We love it also because it has funky colours, so you won’t look fo it for hours, it’s small and has all the gear you need! (seriously, how many time do you really use all the tools on a Leatherman?) And it’s cheap, at least cheapper than the “adult” models. And it’s a must have in your bag, you’ll feel safer and you’ll fish better! Capture d’écran 2018-11-27 à 17.02.26leatherman-leap-bricolage