The Mission #12

The waiting is too long! Some magazines are like that, the moment you read the last page you’re already craving the next issue and the waiting can feel really long!  The Mission is one of them, that awesome mag from SAF, with our friend Tudor Caradoc-Davies as condtuctor. The Mission, if they were’nt that far we would hang to gether all the time, but nowadays with internet everything can be so close! So to celebrate our friendship we made a special mixtape for them, a mixtpae that starts smoothly and than goes faster and louder, like a good nap! But that’s not all of it!

So play that mixtape and dive in the new issue!mission 12

The Shape We’re In, were are we going? When is it going to stop ! the shape were in

Beers And Beats : drink cool beers listening do the mixtape we especially made for The Mission readers, you !beats beeers

Fishing Alone, because some people like to fish just by themselves (how do they do that?)! fishing alone

The Vaal,  all rivers are not ginclear and filled with fish like an aquarium, it’s up to us to change that!the vaal

High 5s : Stu Harley, awesome guide! hi 5s

Porn From the Horn  SUDAN, guys, SUDAN! sudan

Treasure Island, ASTOVEtreasure island

In the Hand so f Gods New Zealand!new zealnd mission

The Natural Mark Yelland, he catches everything! the natural

Salad Bar, you’re done buddy, Xmas is coming and there is so much to choose from. shopping

Shining Bright,  Tiger fish on fiber glass! tiger

Meredith Mc Cord The Lucky Oneluckyone

That’s it, you can leave your screen and go back to real life, if you manage to do so! Have a great weekend!