TIF #70

You thought you could take it easy on your couch and watch series while your gear is stashed in the cellar? Well, you’re done! Here’s This is Fly #70 and I usual it’s going to hit you in the face and you’re going to be knoked out on your couch!  you’re going to get crazy for what you see, you are going to drool and stain your couch, you thought you could have it easy, wrong! Look at that cover by Brett Stenson, it’s sick!

Click on the pictures to go to the article but if I was you I would start the mag by clicking on the cover below and don’t you forget to click on the mixtape link to listen to the music!coverfull

First of all, guide JeanMarie Bousquet’s mixtapemixtape

You’re good, sound is on? Let’s get in the brazilian jungle with Rodrigo Salles !gwaj ot

Xmas is coming? Here’s your Geargear

Now you’ve got it all (or at least dream about it) you can tye flies like Pat Cohenpat cohen

You’ve got the flies? Let’s go Redfish! the lagoon

Winter’s here, and what’s winter without skiing? It’s like seaside with no fishing! You guys want those skisfishsticks

Glass have you ever tried glass? Not your grand father’s one, nowadays glass !rod builder

We love it all, the shapes, the colours, we love Brett Stensonbrett Stenson

Guitar builder and fly fisherman
convergence passions

And if the photography ment it all? Josh Duplechian.

trout unlimited

North Pacific with JeanMarie Bousquet, guide. moving waters

A road trip .westbound

It’s over, you can go down to your den, we’ll wake you up when spring comes! Sweet dreams.