Tail Fly  Fishing Magazine #38

Honestly, we tried, every day we searched the bed, but nothing came out, nada, zip. We did not find anything that was worth writing an article a post about or even paste a link. The Fly Fishing World seems to be suffering from anemia, an anémia for quality and interest. To make it short, there is not much happening on the web that is worth echoing on Le Mouching this week.

Luckely there is Tail Magazine! The magazine we love as every fly fisher do, not only because it’s going to take us to amazing places, but also because it brings us a feeling similar to the one we felt when as teens we would get our hands on Playboy (that was way before youporn), it’s like tossing the pages of an architecture magazine or a sports car one, it feels us with dreams, we touch with our eyes what we can’t get our hands on, and that’s what we need: dream! I’m sure there are some frustrated old koots (we received mails about that) who are going to complain that we post things that are unaffordables, but we need to dream, it’s part of fly fishing! We need some exotism, not in the sense of tropics but in the sense of what stimulates imagination. Shere one of the reasons we recommand that you read the latest issue from Tail the November/December one! What’s out, it’s serious shit! frontpage

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In the box! inside box

Beyond the fly!beyond fly

Homer Rhode Jrhomer rhode

For better and for worst.wedding day

Evergladesnow or neverglades

Never without a beer!beerNever with an empty stomach! prime rib

The Process


Keys florida keys

Tie a srhrimpSargassum shrimp

Why on the flats? skinny waters

That’s it, you can get your eyes off the screen, winter is here already, time to get tropical, or at least dream about it!