Meditation or Frustration

Lesson number one in fly fishing : be 200% focused at what you do. Fly Fishing as many other sports or activities doesn’t go well with not focusing. This is what my friend Jeremie Morichon taught me as I was a you fly fisherman, if you have something else in mind (lover, food, worries, work, worries, music, peeing, the next fish) if you are not dedicated 200% at what you are doing, you might miss the fish of your life, or the fish of the day, or you might just end by having a shitty day. Focusing on what you are doing, starts when getting to the river, you should leave your worries or whatever you have in mind, in the car or at home. Fly Fishing requires you to be only dedicated to what you are doing, and give your best at it. If you are not focused, if you don’t cast properly, if you don’t check your knots, if you don’t check your fly, if you don’t give more then what you can give, you’ll learn too, But you’ll learn frustration. That is why a lot of people consider fly fishing as a form of meditation. What is meditation afterall? Meditation is just a way of getting out of your reality, making time stop in order to be clearheaded so you can be ready to listen or see what you couldn’t listen or see before. Hunger, tireness are the main reasons why you miss your fish. So never fish with an empty stomach and take a nap on the moss by the river! And stay focused!

Film by Frenzy | Music : Shortlines by RY X