¡Salsa dura!

That’s it, winter has arrvived, the real one with heavy snow! We have to stash logs one after the other in the fireplace, warm up the soup and get to the vise looking through the window from time to time to check the sanow falling! Well, that’s in our dreams, our reality :  we prepare the punch, we get the friends home, turn up the heat and play that fantastic mixtape to dance winter away! Salsa dura for all! Evrytime I play a salsa mixtape it reminds me my nights in Havana in the early 90’s, long before saltwater flyfishing, when the only thing that mattered was dancing every night wether it was in a club or in one of those outside bals! ¡Pa’ bailar! ¡Pa’gozar! Os if you want ot dance winter away, just click here to download the mixtape or just click on the link below!