Live from Outerspace by Juke Joint

Rain is falling and it seems to never end, sometimes it turns into snow, winter is here, it slowly settles down. A strange feeling is grasping us, a sort of melancholy gets us, everything become more complicated, everything is an effort. I am a bear and it makes me want to go to my den and don’t come out before spring, late spring. I’ll be going to the river with a box of flies in my shirt and a rod in my hand, I’ll cross the flowery meadows and cathc those spring trout! In the meantime I’m listening to that awesome mixtape from Juke Joint and you should be doing the same, it’s perfect to be laying in your den waiting for winter to go! You can download it by clicking here or just listen to it by using the link below. Warning it’s different from what we usally share with you.

download by clicking here