Soon they’ll be coming with the big migration and it’ll be time for you to cast your flies and set that hook! Every Tarpon fly fisherman is waiting for that moment! Of course there are the babies you can find in the mangrove, and from time to time you can find a sedentary but nothing beats the time of the year when they arrive from nowhere and take the Gulf of Mexico as a highway! You have to be there and ready to participate to the Rodeo, because having a tarpon at the end of your line sometimes feels like having a calf at the end of your lasso and for that matter you better be fit! I don’t like fishing for big poons, after a ling fight you’re out for the whole day, dead!  Some anglers are looking for the 100+, I prefer several 40/60 pounders in a day, this brings me joye! So, for you to be patient for the Tarpon’s days, here’s Silver Kings Season 5 ep3! But you’ll have to watch it on Vimeo, so click on the link below.