Moskitos & Mayflies: Episode 2

“Anyway, every time Mr. Nylinder publishes a new video, it’s perfect.”

Episode 2 of Mosquitoes & Mayflies is finally out. So yes, the other episode came out a week ago. I know, it was not a long time long ago. But, it’s already too long. When you get used to such images, you want more. Every day. And you dream of such fly fishing parties. You dream of this miraculated river, which hosts trout as beautiful as they are monstrous, you dream you are fishing these beautiful landscapes. And especially you are enjoying, this famous garlic bruschetta trout!

Because yes, we advocate the protection of rivers and their inhabitants. But keep a single trout and enjoy it at the water’s bank with a friend at the end of a great fishing day, isn’t one of the best ways to pay tribute to this perfect nature?