Chanel, darling !

Here’s a piece we wrote a few years ago when Chanel, under Karl Lagerfeld’s order, made a fly fishing outfit! Yes we liked Lagerfeld because not only was he an amazing designer, he was unbeleivably young (who would have thought he was 85) and had a rock attitude, his admiration for Heidi Slimane was proof of that, but also he had such a knowledge in litterature and had a personal sense of irony, and was never taking himself seriously. But beyond of being an amazing fashion designer, he was a great photographer and an authentic music lover! Wasn’t he asking to have on mix per ipod (he had hundreds)!

“Fancy going fishing this week-end daa’ling ? “… You’re posh or you ain’t, but if you want to be really “in” if “fashion week” is your style, you might want talk to your banker and get this exquisite fly rod with its reel in the perfect case !!! (14710$…) For that amount you’ll really feel like no one else, specially made carbon rod and special reel to go with this padded and quilted rod case ! Mademoiselle Chanel got into flyfishing herself when she was friend with the Duke of Westminster who took her, along with Charles Ritz, salmon fishing in Norway, on the Alta river. We LOVE you Karl !!!! You rock, man !“Chéérie, nous allons à la pêche ce week-end ?”… vous êtes snob ou vou sne l’êtes pas, mais si vous voulez être vraiment “hype” et que votre truc c’est la “fashion week”, vous voulez peut-être parler à votre banquier et acheter cette canne unique, avec son moulinet et surtout son sac de voyage… (10 500€) !!! Pour cette somme vous vous sentirez vraiment unique ! Canne en carbone specialement fabriquée, moulinet unique et surtout, surtout ce magnifique sac, rembourré et matelassé ! Mademoiselle Chanel c’était elle même mise à la pêche à la mouche quand elle était ami avec le Duc de Westminster qui l’avait emmené avec Charles Ritz,  pêcher le saumon sur la rivière Alta, en Norvège. Karl, on t’AIME !!! T’assures, mec !