SCOF : Winter 2019

We were waiting for it, and here it is: Southern Culture On the Fly aka  SCOF #30! Just by reading the titles my head is spinning, I start to get cold turkey, I’m like a dopefiend, I’m cloaking, I want my fix, I need a hit: I WANT TO FISH! This is what happens when you read SCOF, you’re down to the basics, it’s the real you, that animal that tries to behave normaly but who’s craving to fish and would kill anything that stands in between his rod and the fish. That’s how fly fishing people are, OBSESSED! So, there you go!

scof full

Island of the damnedisland of damned

400 words drawings by our friend Peter Perch!400 words

Fur and Feathers by Nate Hensley. Tying a bird on film!Musky

Musky Fishing is for the birds!musky fly

Purple Nurplepurple nurple

O SmallMouth, where are Thou?smallmouth

Catalunya! Our friend Steve Seinberg came to old Europe and traveled Catalunya, sorry we couldn’t go fishing together.catalunya

Florida man cleans and eat fishfllorida food



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