March Mixtapes, in the heart of the cool!

Double mixtape for you tonight, for many of you it might be the last weekend before opening day, the last week end when you’ll be able to sleep, soon, soon you’ll be sleepless, obsessed, driven by one thing, the water! So maybe you’ll leisten to those mixtapes in your car. But those two jewels are yours tonight and you can gather your friends around, it’s going to be HOT!

I don’t know what to say to you, which mixtape should you play first. But here’s the first one, it’s a CRAZY mixtape, from Jazz, to Blues, to Funk, to Reggae and Funk, you are going to love it that Mondaze Radio #169 is just insane! downlod it here and paly it loud wether at home with your friends or in the car, Roy Ayers, Nina Simone, Max Romeo, DJ Shadow, will wisper to your ear “let yourself go, baby”.

[mixcloud width=780% height=320 hide_cover=1 light=1]

Than there is the latest mixtape by DJ Vadim alias Soul Catcher “Down Under Vibes n’ Things, you know Vadim, the guy that selects reggae beats like no other! If you ever play that mixtape in the car drinving to the river, I’m sure you’ll have to stop by the side and dance! You are warned! Download it here! It’s pure gold, it’s warm honey to your ears, it’s bliss for your soul!

So wahtever you do, no matter in which order you play those two mixtapes, they are just AWESOME! BOOOOOYAAAA!