Scale Magazine #32

For many of us, we still have to wait for a few more days before opening day! For the past weeks in Europe it felt like spring with temperatures going as up as 82, in February! But other places were like a freezer. So you never know what the weather is going to be like when you’ll be going to the river. And I know you are all excited, like a teenager who just found youporn! you HAVE to go fishing! Maybe it’ll be too soon for hatches, maybe there will be too much water for nymphs, we won’t let you down, maybe you’ll just have to go with a lure casting rod? So here’s to keep you busy until the opening day, the latest issue from Scale Magazine, a new issue with a new lay out!

Massive Perch from Neherlands! (why not trying them on a fly?)


Sea trout in Turku,Finlandturku

Good wines and fat carp in Portugal (bring sunscreen)portugal


German pikes with Lisa Jakubowskipike

Oléé, Olé, Olé, Olééé! Gibraltar lures and flies!gibraltar


Shopping! shopping

Marcel Urlaub, photographer.urlaub