image1Welcome to Jérôme Garcia who joined the Mouching team to share his adventures! Today, French river Aude!

What a crazy idea ! Such a crazy idea to go in a hurry into Aude’s upper valley ! Not to mention that the last week was stormy and rainy…

In this period of the year weather is changeable and not really adapted to fly fishing.

Robert (aka Bobby) and I decided quiet lately to have a session in the Audoise Pyrenees, a territory known by heart by Yannick Rivière. A couple of minutes away from downtown Carcassonne, the landscape completely changes for medium mountain.

Upon our arrival in Quillan (where I had some good catches), we had to face a high level of water and river flow witch did not allowed a good fishing session. Not a big deal ! We didn’t came a long road for nothing ! image8

Getting ready with our stuff on the side of the river, we equiped a nice pair of nymphs before getting into water !

Some fishing spots were hazardous because of a big river flow ! Over 19 cubic meters per second…image7

So that we decided to get on fishing spots with lower water. Outside of a fish wich got hooked of, noting, not a darned thing, nada …

Nevermind ! We could have been at work ! image2

Having a little beer break looking at the river seemed to be the best thing to…

Close to noon, we got to nice local restaurant. Local beef, local pork, and potatoes from Sault’s country side delighted us. image5

Still digesting, we tryed a last fishing spot. Again that flow problem, along with color and level of water…

Such a empty-handed friday ! This place is beautiful and under normal circumstances, full of fishes !! 

Don’t hesitate to fish in the upper valley, fishermen and the AAPPMA association are making such a lovely work ! And by the way if you keep the economy going, everyone will benefit !image6