Lost in Lapland, a fly fishing adventure!

Can you picture yourself with your best buddies being dropped off by chopper in the middle of Lapland, surrounded by nature and only nature? Drifting down the river, fishing, drinking, having fun? Just you and the outdoors. A perfect trip to disconnect from a life you chose but on the other hand maybe doesn’t fullfill your dreams.

Yes, from time to time we need to go back to the wild, shit in the woods and swim naked in the river, we need to speak our mind, we need to have no boundaries but the ones we have with our best friends, because only your best friends love you for who you really are. And what else if you have your best friends and you go fly fishing with them? It’s bliss, this film is bliss, this is what I want to do  with my buddies. I need to do that, being free!

And if you missed part 1, here it is!