Rolf is a hero at Le Mouching’s office. When a Rolf movie comes out, we stop everything we do. Even Cyril wakes up when he receives a notification from his channel. Explanations.

Rolf’s films are always a concentrate of everything we love. Nature, always presented in its best light. Fish, often splendid, always sumptuous. Rivers, superbly enhanced with unparalleled cameraman skills.

And then there’s everything else. Buddies, without whom fishing would not have that flavor. Fishing, whether beginner or experienced. Catch are always awesome. Finally, and here I want to emphasize, poetry. Each Rolf movie is as sweet to watch as it is to listen. It may be his voice that blends perfectly with the river fields. Each of his videos takes you elsewhere, beyond the movies “fish porn” where each trout is filmed from all angles. Here, fish are passing. Rolf shows us especially their return to the river. And that makes all the difference.

That’s why Le Mouching is also a fan of Rolf. And we wish him a happy birthday! And if one day we have the chance to fish by his side, we will think of you all! Thank you Rolf and Joyeux Anniversaire!