Fly Fishing for Chub = happiness!

Absolute happiness. When I was a kid, we dislike them, we used to call them “whities” and looked down at them, we only looked for trout. Once I remeber my fishing buddy’s father even told us to eat one, I remember spending more time taking bones out than eating. I told myself Iwould never fish those Chub ever again. But that was before I got into fly fishin. As a newbie, I loved to catch chubs, I knew where they were, always at the same place and I learn how to cast and set the hook properly, for hours! Even if they are more numerous then trout in my home river Aveyron and now more than ever thanks to intensive cattle breeding, corn watering and low water level + global warming, chub are becoming in some areas more fun to cast than trout or at least fun ot cast! You can try them on nymph or on dry as you can see on that film, they love a good CDC, an olive as you can see. Enjoy watching!