Friends, really?

I hate competition and even more when it come to flyfishing. For me, it’s above all a passion, a drug and even more sharing, however, from time to time, I’m not against a little bit of challenge. But to some conditions: with friends only and the rules are set right from the beginning. It’s a great opportunity to laugh at each other and to have a lot of good memories. Anecdotally, I have spent, once, two hours on a stone only large enough for two fishermen, on Kupa river in Croatia. It was in the middle of the afternoon, there was a big grayling reactive on nymph. It was to the first who caught it. When he broke his line, it was a great opportunity for me. I have enjoyed it for 5 minutes, unsuccessful! It’s finally my friend who caught it, the grayling fell for a little dry fly, a red tag, at first attempt.
If I tell you this, it’s because the video shared with you today is a friendly competition between Jon et Steve. Two friends, two techniques, may the best win!!