Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, Hank Jones, Samuel Jones and Art Blakey : “Autumn Leaves” and Mayflies!

I love Cannonblal Adderley, anyway I love all the jazz players from the bee bop days, what they brought to music is unparalled, a sensual sensation not often heard before. Especially when they re arrange music stadards such as Automn Leaves. It’s so beuatiful you want to cry and when on Cannonball is followed by Miles Davis trumpet, Hank Jones on piano, Samuel Jones double bass and Art Blakey who’s pacing the whole song, oh Lord it’s so beautiful! But how on earth did Alberto Rey got the idea to lay that song on his film? Together they make a perfect beauty, look at that Green Drake dying, it feels it’s the song has been written for it. It’s a beauty, melancholic and beautiful. I’m going to listen to the fill song, you should do the same!