Los Roques, Vénézuela, heaven, if you manage to get there.

Los Roques is heaven, cheap hotels, great food, guides if  you need one, fishermen that drop you on an island with a beach umbrella, chairs, a cooler filled with food and drinks, (they can grill lobsters on the bbq if needed) and they come to pick you up at the time you want! In the meantime, you are the kind of your own world! You can eat delicious food, read in the shade, swim a little, go fishing for bonefish, sleep again. At night once you’re back in the village, life is easy and fun. Doesn’t it sound like Heaven? The dark side is to get there, not that it is complicated, it’s just that Venezueal is a little dodgy nowadays. If you manage to get there, will you be able to come back? The situation in Caracas is very unstable and it’s a shame, because Los Roques is defiantly one of the best Caribbean destination, Mexico is over fished, Cuba is way overpriced, Los Roques is a must! If you are like us you’ll love it, most of all you’ll love to be able to do several things, snorkling, diving, and Kite surfing! Look at our friend Benoit Chancerel! He does both, kite & fly fishing! I told you it was heaven, let one tracked fly fishermen go to other places, you only live once, so why not getting the most out of your life! As soon as it gets stable, let’s all go to Los Roques!Mind you he hasn’t filmed the food, and that’s something else!