Jugglin New Roots Collectibles 2 hours mixtape by Iggy from Café des Artisans

We all are checking the weather on our phone, we look at the clouds on our screens, we are hooked on the weather channel. It’s a beautiful day, we get by the river and at 5pm, the clouds come in, the temperature drops and there is no activity on the river. And it’s been going on like that for weeks! What’s happening? We never had such a shitty spring. Every friday we’re all excited to go to the river and we end in the cabin, making fire, looking at the rain go down. But it doesn”t really matter since we’re all together and the music is good! The music? You have to download the mixtape ici  it’s an awesome mixtape from Iggy. There’s a story here, Iggy and his sister Amaya run a café restaurant in Lausanne, Switzerland, maybe one of the best place to stop by, and Iggy makes some killer mixtapes! Check this one out!