Big Land’s Bonus: 10 Day Wilderness Canoe Trip || Lessons from The Allagash

This is it! Ça y est ! Big Land,tthe film by Tight Loops we wrote about earlier last week is available online and you can rent it or buy it on Vimeo!


And as if what we wrote was not enough, here’s more than a teaser for you to watch it, this is a 15 minutes BONUS film! You’re going to be into the wild, the wilderness of the Labrador, looking for Brook Trout! So get it, and you’ll watch it, tonight, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe sunday, but some of you might not resist and watch it now! Whatever you do, I’m sure you’ll have one thing in mind: going on a adventure! And if like Chase and Amee and their friends you go to Labrador, beware of the Mosquitoes, but not only. Good film!

BIG LAND from Tight Loops on Vimeo.