When it’s sizzling hot, you better go fly fihsing late in the day, or early morning, or stay low in the undergrowth.

It’s hot, so hot you feel someone’s beating you on the head with a hammer. It’s so hot we stayed outside way after midnight when usualy, in the mountains, we have to get inside after nine at this period of the year. Everything is beaten down, the cattle is still under the trees, even the insects seem to take a nap. Fields are like an oven. The only way to get a little cool is by the river, late in the evening, or early  morning, when suddenly the temperature feels normal, when you get in the water and the cold pressure of the waders on your legs are a blessing. Voracious trout jump to your fly, you’ve go to be quick. At night you’ll be driving back home, by the open windowsthe warm air will feel cooler than it is. You’ll be tired and happy.

I think we have to get used to it, global warming is not a political statement.

One Spontaneous Afternoon At A Small Mountain Stream from Matthias Niggl on Vimeo.