When it’s too hot, when the weather is just too beautiful, night is for…dancing!

I see a tear in your eye, I hear you say, “fish is not feeding”, “there’s no water, it’s a drought, once more”, “it’s too hot”, the never ending complaint of the fly fisherman when it’s way too hot. Unfortunatly I guess we’ll have to get used to it, no matter what some people are saying, we, fly fishermen, see it year afer year, season after season, global warming is not a figment of your imagination! And it’s probably not going to stop and if it ever does we’ll be the happiest persons on earth! So to keep a good spirit here arer three mixtapes for warm nights! Those mixtapes we play them everyday at the office so we know they work, they are magic to your feet and your mind! Here are what we’ve been listening to this week, we played them at the office, in the car, at home for our amigos to dance to, they are Mouching Approved:

Late Evening Lounge Break par le fameux Professor Eddy (download here) Let’s start with the warmth of soul, it’s a blessins, it’ll allow you to play it while you’re still eating, then you’ll move to the patio, and without notice, you’ll find yourself beating the rythm with your feet.But you can also paly it at the end of the night or in your bedroom, it’s like honey, sweet and tasty!

One Love Vol.3 by Mol (download here) Jah Love is going to hit you, bad! Listen how it starts, with Desmon Dekker, you cannot resist to that song, I’m sure if you are casualy speaking with a friend, you’re going to dance instantly, how could you resist that song? The whole mixtape is like that, it brings joy to your heart! Play it loud!

In The Spirit of House par New York Rican Soul (download here). Last but not least, you’re drawnn back in the 80’s with this mixtape that is going to take you to the dance floor if you are not already on it! It’s hot and be ready to the Nueva York diso, you’re going to sweat!

Summer can play with the heat, we don’t care we’ve got the sound for it!