On Aubrac, France, or in North Carolina, USA, small streams are awesome!

I like small streams, they are homy to me, I know how to read the water, I know where the fish is, this is my playground. The river I started fishing in as a kid is a few feet wide, I was not aloud to go to the main rivers, they were too dangerous, my parents said. So I’ve learned in the river that is near our house and runs in the village. Fishing big rivers has always been a challenge “where is the fish”, “which current”, “how am I going to cast there”? Those are the questions that goes throught my mind as soon as I am on a large river. I like human size streams. Look at that river on Aubrac, in South Center France, that’s one of the rivers I’ve learned to fish, see how nice it is to fish in? It’s the same feeling as this North Caroline one, everything is simple and easy. It’s like a walk in the forest. But in the end don’t we always look for what we know, aren’t we always fishing looking for that feeling we once had, as kids?  Enjoy both films.
North Carolina, USA

Aubrac, France