St Moritz, Snowcity, a different point of view!

You know how at Le Mouching we like things when they are a little different than what you expect, we like a little twist in every area of our lives, that’s probably why we fly fish, otherwise we would be doing something else. Fly fishing, at least in Europe, is more than just fly fishing. And that is why we get a certain separation between people who fish wearing tweed jackets, pretending they are english lords, only because they can say a few words in english, fly fish on british chalk streams or drive a mini. We at the opposite, just like to be by the water, no matter what, we have no rule, we are just kids from the end of the 20th centhury, we were raised listening to rock and roll, reggae music, disco, dance, trip hop, hip hop, soul, funk. We like to do things the way we feel doing them, we don’t pretend to be someone else than who we really are, we don’t need all the paraphernalia to pretend to be someone else, we are Mouching. That’s why we like that film. I hope you do too.

Snowciety from HILLTON on Vimeo.