DJ Joe Rebel “One Drop”, a fine mixtape of Roots Reggae & Dub, turn the sound up!

It goes fast doesn’t it?  I was layng down in the garden listening to this awesome mixtape, friends dropped by, we talked had drinks, than it was sunday! THis summer sucks it’s already the end of July and I have not been to the river… THe heat wave, it was over 100 every day and at night it never got under 90, the river was dead, I was dead. Luckily friends dropped by and we had BBQ and fun, and this mixtap e that played over and over! Nevermind, I can wait for fall, when the fish want to stash protein for winter and are not so tricky to catch! In the meantime I suggest you download this Roots Reggae & Dub mixtape, it’s sick!

Otherwise, click below and tuen the sound up!