Feeling Saudade, is surviving one self, living dead : it is like living in the past and dying in the present. – (R. A. Lawton, Almeida Garrett, The intimate constraint, 1966)

As I was driving South, heading to my river, I turned on the national radio and they were playing a song from João Gilberto, his gentle voice filled me with joy, his  guitar woke me up and that bossa nova rythm gave me the instant feeling of dancing. But later on I understood João had passed away. Brasilian music, especialy Bossa Nova has been in my life since my early age, it’ the first music I played on guitar. I felt Saudade, that blues, so well decribed in that the title above.

And as Caetano once said : better than silence, there is João Gilberto.

I feel like crying. Here are three mixtapes of João Gilberto, play them and dance under the stars.

João Gilberto by Shuffle, maybe the most achieved one (but stop at 52:40 than its only talking). download

JoãoGilbertando I : download here

JoãoGilbertando II : download here