The white Zoulou

It was in the mid 80’s, in France it was just when the term “Sono Mondiale” what we could translate by “Worlwide sound”, was playing everywhere. The world was at a turning point, people who were in their 20’s in the 60’s started to have strategic posts, the world had to change as we knew it. In the music world, every radios in the world wher starting to play latin music, african music, tropical music. Peter Gabriel was starting to produce musicians for what was called “the 3rd world”. Basically we were ready. And at the same time, in SAF, they needed a major change, everyone was pointing out  the Apartheid and this had to stop. A way to help for the change was music and Johnny Clegg was tthat guy! The White Zulu, he is part of Juluka and at that time they were touring the world and opening our eyes to what apartheid was, than there was Savuka and later, two years ago, Johnny Clegg started a last world tour, he knew it would be the last one. Thanks for being part of history and having been with us. “Some”, farewell in Zulu.

Here are two mixtapes, they are a bit similar, but if you like Johnny CLegg, you will love them.