Achieving a kid’s dream is always something special. So when there is a 6 feet shark taking 100 yards of backing swims from your reel, deep inside of you, you get in touch  with something very special!

Meeting point in Port Louis (France, Brittany) with Sylvain Garcia, our guide of the day. His goal: to make us catch our first blue shark on the fly! The blue shark is a pelagic shark widely present on the french coast. As a great scavenger, he dives into the waters in search of carcasses. It is also found near the surface feeding on bait fish. A great animal, far from the nauseous clichés from Jaws movie.


How to do

It’s simple and complicated! We start by going out to the blue sea (70 meters deep), we make a trace of blood about a kilometer long, then we throw sardines heads. The idea is to get the  shark close to the boat, then to hold them there to be able to cast at them on sight fishing. And when shark gets to the boat, the tension goes seriously up a! The time that the sharks can get to the boat varies and is very random. That day, it will take  a good time, but sometimes they are there in a few minutes. The fishing action is very simple: we present the fly near the shark’s head, who will be interested (or not). Where everything is complicated is when it is necessary to shoe!

The shark’s mouth is under its long snout, and seeing it take the fly can be difficult, even with perfect conditions. Let’s go back to the conditions! They must be perfect and the surface must be as flat as possible. It is necessary to be able to locate the sharks under the surface and especially to see them take the fly!


The fight

This is where the serious things begin! If you fish a fish of about 1m to 1,30 m, the fight will be violent but relatively fast. On the other hand, if you have the good fortune to catch  a squal of 1,50 m and more, your brake will sing the most beautiful song during long seconds. Nice feeling! Especially on our coast.

During our day, each of us caught three sharks. One of which was really feisty for several long minutes! Happiness ! A réal treat. These animals are beautiful and are very impressive to watch and fight.

Your turn!

Sylvain offers guided days at sea for the specific carching of shark on the fly. You will sail on a splendid Zeppelin 20VPRO and all the fishing gear.


Shark on the fly requires organization to ensure the catch. Sylvain places a lot of importance on these details, which means that you will find yourself quickly hooked to one of these magnificent animals. A guide both very professional, and very cool! Everything we love.

For more information, visit the Sylvain’s website : Lorient Fishing Passion

The big plus

The big gift that Mother Nature will give you if you are wise, is to sail in the wind with the dolphins! A real kid’s dream. These beautiful animals, you will see, are very playful (when they don’t come across a bench of sardines) and will not fail to keep you company in your journey!