Find a wreck and rebuild it and it’ll become your best friend.

This is not an ordinary film, it’s much more than that, and that’s why we decided to put it up this morning because we all need a project, we all need a goal, a dream to accomplish. And that film is about that. It’s about friendship, it’s about passion, it’s about beleiving that together we can do things that we thought were impossible. A boat, is way more than a boat, it’s a home, it’s part of you, it’s what makes dreams possible. This film is about surfing, but it could be about fishing, it’s exactly the same. And it’s a good reminder that sometimes in BC, the weather sucks, but nature is amazingly beautiful and it’s bliss to be part of it.

We thought you’d like to start your week with positive thinking. Enjoy.

“Camel Finds Water” from Trevor Gordon on Vimeo.