Le Mouching goes clickwhoring

Doesn’t feel right, does it? Yeah, well, we won’t do that again. We hate it as much as you do. But for today’s video we had to get some huge trafic. Because now is the time to unveil the well kept secrets of… keeping a fly on your rod. Yeah.

— Everyone:

— Le Mouching : What?

— Everyone:

— Le Mouching : Well, ok, but wait, it’s really fun.

You probably won’t learn much on this one. Except that you don’t want to put your line through the hook keeper. But we could not not show you this. ‘Cause the Huge guys are litterally huge. After the grand slam as a beer game, here they are goofing around, showing their ass to a passing train, accidentally catching fish, and generally being the most hilarious guys in the trade since Hank Patterson. We love them.