Backyard, teasers for an amazing film promising of emotions, beauty and feelings.

Is it the haunting music, is it the sadness of learning the loss of famous rebel French film maker Jean Pierre Mocky, is it because I’m stuck at the office in Paris and that I am longing for anything that can pull me out from my routine? I am fascinated by this teaser, the second one. It is so beautiful that I have to add the first one that did the same effect on me, and probably on you too. It is amazing how we manage to be captivated by films about fly fishing in places far from what we know, some being so remote from what we are used to, wether it’s in Russia, New Zealand, Sout America or even worst in the tropics, the caribbean. but identification really works when I feel home, when I see a river that looks like the one I fished my first trout in, when I was a teenager, holding a rod, hidden in the bushes, smmocking cigarets as if I was an adventurer, a man.  I cannot wait to watch Christian Keßler’s film, Backyard.

Backyard Teaser 2 from Watermind Pictures on Vimeo.

Backyard Teaser 1 from Watermind Pictures on Vimeo.