From today’s Brazil mixtape to Hip Hop old school, two mixtapes for the end of summer.

You want to keep on dancing, you want those last days of summer never to end, you want to feel freedom a little longer ? Here are the two mixtapes we found ourselves playing over and over this week. You are going to love them!

Brazil with Vice Versa Brazil #9, this is amazing, it’s going to be hard for you to stay still, it’s a dance machine ! A light dance, a dance full of joy, the kind you cannot resist to! You better download it here, it’s cool enough to listen to when you work but after a few caipirinha, I promis you’ll dance like  kings!

Old School Hip Hop, Vol 1. There you go, you just play it, and everyone gets crazy, because everyone knows those songs and here they go! The dance floor is where you want ot be when this mixtape starts to play, it’s lit! Only the best ones on that mixtape by Mol. Just download it and play it loud! Surprisingly, it goes really well after the previous one.

If you’re still alive, go fishing!