Champs d’Amour | hard mix. Watch out, Martin Meissonnier is in the place and it sounds like it’s the last opportnity to hit the  dancefloor before the end of summer! Hell of a mixtape!

House music, we don’t shar a lot of dance music with you and we should do it more often, especially when it’s a mixtape from our friend Martin Meissonnier, guru of the Megamix, the one that brought you jazz, african, west indian and funk music to your ears in the 80’s. Yes, I know, some of you might think, what is that sh*t? Dude, just play it and wait to see what happens, no one can resist to that sound, I tried it the other night and everyone was dancing like crazy. Of course it’s better to play it when you’ve been dancing for a few hours already, because it you’re not ready, this mixtape is going to  kill you! Not only it is a dance machine but it’s also the perfect mixtape to listen to as you tie your flies, when nothing else matters but the vise, when you need to focus really sharp and that you eyes are red. This mixtape is going to take you through the night. Download Love Fields (Champs d’Amour)  and dance to it while summer is not over yet!