SCOF= Southern Culture On the Fly #32, Summer issue!

There you are, cooling down, in the shade, Bossa Clap Hip Hop mixtape by Vinyl Addict  is making you swing gently, but your mind is somewhere else, you are longing for that heat to go and you don’t feel the strength to do anything until it’s fishing time! So here’s for you, to entertain you from the deep of your sofa:  Southern Culture On the Fly’s Summer issue! And when your reading will be over, you’ll be craving to go fishing! And you should! Because it’ll the right time!SCOF FULL

VoiWhat’s inside!

TYLER HACKETT! Drawing, lay out, graphism,  comix, fishing, fly fishing, engraving, you put all of those in a mixer and you have Tyler Hackett art! Amazing!tyler hacketantz

400 words on trash that are ruining our world.By Noah Davis AND graphics by our friend Peter Perch!Peter perch

What about tying a Hump Chump? Ok, be warned, this has nothing to do with the clean slick fly tying vidz you find on the web, this is a bit as if it was shot at our office, except that at the office the only place where you tie flies i in the toilets, it’s where no one disturbs you and it also might be the coolest room to shelter from the heat! Get to the vise!hump chump vid

Menominee River. Looks too cool! We want to be there! we want to be rocked in our boat, have a nap and wake up, decide to fish, catch one or two, than go downstream again! I want to be there! back yard

Two lines better than one? We never knwo what’s going to happen. Personaly I like to fish with a lighter line than what people usualy carry. I like bonefish on a #7 (if not on a 6) but when it’s windy or when there are some Permit too, I like to use a #9. Same for Tarpon, if I can I try only use a #10, but I carry a #12 “in case something big shows up or when it’s windy. A perfect article to argue with your frineds (or even with yourself). Now, I oftn use a #11 for Tarpon. But forget about what you read and look at those pictures!the lines

Zonked, a way of life.zonked

You liked the idea of locking yourself in “the John” to tie flies? I’m sure you are ging to love to tie that frog!bench press

WHat would be summer if we would go for Carp? A lot of people still look down at you when you mention you go Carp fly fishing, let them be, they don’t know what they’re missing! But here it’s not just CArp fihsing, it’s  the 3 Rivers Carp Cup! You are surpised right? You know we don’t like competition, but here it’s a little different, it’s a way of life! A bit as if you were french kissing with the Devil, and we love it!  carp cup

That’s it! You can move out from your sofa, and head to the hamoc! NExt issue is coming soon, in the Fall.