Swing + Crazy tropical mixtapes  ! Le mieux pour la fin de l’été !

You’ve been dancing all summer long, keep on dancing! But here forget about the funk, hip hop, house mixtapes we shared with you, here’s another kind of mixtapes, mixtapes that are going to drive you nuts! The rythmes are crazy, I promis you you won’t stay still!

First: Juke Flywalker’s Cornucopia Tropicalia Vol. 1 from Juke Joints. From jazz standards revisited with tropical rythm to swing dance, it’s going ot be hard for you not to dance!  Download here or click below.

Second: Pineapple Ginger Juice, Qool Marv is mixing for you, and you cannot resist to dance. It’s  music to listen to as you brunch or when you dance late at night! From salsa psyche, to electro cumbia, du brasil moderno, salsa and swing, music to make your feet happy and to set you on a good mood! Download it here.