Usualy we choose not to talk about reservoirs because we prefer the wild life, but here, it’s unusual, you are going to find out why!

Avington, a small village in Hampshire, England, a double haul away from famous Itchen River. Avington could have stayed a dot on a map if Sam Hollande an ex ingeneer from NASA, hadn’t chose to dedicate his life to fly fishing. More specificaly to create a reservoir that would host the biggest trout possible! Yes, as any reservoir owner, he’s in love with his lake and for that reason (I’m not talking about the ones who fill up they reservoirs with unknown trout just to get the  most customers) he wanted for his waters the best and the biggest! So Sam started to select, and select, and select again, big mâle sperm with big female eggs, and again and again, all of them raised in the clear water of Itchen river. There we are, 50 years later with still probably the biggest trout you can catch,  Avington land of the big ones!