Dreaming with open eyes

A fly fisherman is a guy who would rather fish. But there’s so often a but… Life stuff, and unfishable conditions, and when the fishing is closed, all those good reasons that keep us far from the river. So here you are, you’re nervous, you’re smoldering, you missing something.

Of course, we’ve got fly tying to get us back to the water, even in the cold heart of winter’s nights. And we all know the special satisfaction to catch a fish on a fly we tied, we tweaked, or even we invented.

So why not go a step further? Build your rod? I’ve been doing that for fifteen years. And those precious hours, reaming cork, wrapping guides, designing, calculating, or even frankly improvising, those are fishing hours, where the river runs through you. The wind, a hatch, and that fish rising over there…

Day Dreaming from Dave Fason on Vimeo.