The Front Range is a mountain range in Colorado. The rivers are beautiful and it is the ideal place to bring his friends.

And these guys did not wait until we talked to them to go there! A cool short movie very well made, which smells nature, the great American spaces. But also the rivers swept by the wind, the evening coffee by the fire with friends. Finally, it feels masterfully good trout, in all its splendor!

This is also an opportunity to watch out the fly gear offered by Yakoda Supply! Stylish fly boxes, caps also beautiful… Everything to shine in society by the river! But the most awesome thing is this famous bag and carpet to put on his waders. That’s a safe slipper! I know what I mean. My waders slippers too. Anyway…

A great movie for this end of the week! And you, what are you doing this weekend?!

Yakoda Supply — Lake Country from Yakoda Supply on Vimeo.