How do you like my knot? The five essential knots for fly fishing, thanks to The Wading List!

We all know our knots, we can tie them smoking a cigar and talking to a friend, without looking what our hands are doing, it became mechanical withthe years. But we all had to start one day, focusing 200%, pulling out our tongue, closing an eye to be sure we were doing it right, and we all learned the hard way, by breaking on a fish because of that “damn knot”! Ah, that terrible feeling where you hate yourself so much. So from the experimented angler to the beginner, here’s form our friend Leonard Schoenberger, founder of the amazing website The Wading List, the one that brings together the joy of fly fishing and philosophy, the FIVE essential knots you need to know by the water! And do’nt forget to get them wet with saliva, otherwise they will break! Danke Leonard.

The Bllod knot, a must to put two lines together, even from the same diameter.

ThePerfection loop, the one you must know when you’re salt water fly fishing or when you’re fishing “big”.

The double surgeon, when you need “strength”!

The Improved Clinch Knot! Every angler knows it, don’t forget to wet it so it won’t break “at the fly”.

The Rapala or Non Slip Mono Knot , you like big streamers? Use it!


Now you’re all set, you can go fishing! But please practice with a string as shown on the films, for hours!